Lustrous, glowing skins is something women of all ages desire to have. Some women boil it down to great genes, a rigorous skin care regime or the latest and greatest face creams to come onto the market.

Healthy looking skin really is not that hard to achieve, especially when you discover how mineral makeup can allow you to work to your advantage of always looking your natural best.

What exactly is Mineral Make up?

This simple cosmetic is comprised of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These natural, mineral compounds act as a physical sunscreen on the skin by reflecting the sunlight so that it is not absorbed into the skin’s surface. These “blockers” aid in providing protection against the damaging effect of UVA and UVB rays which can led to pre-mature aging and other severe skin conditions.

Zinc itself works as an antioxidant, weakening the formation of damaging free radicals and protects the cells that produce collagen, controls inflammation, and minimizes acce flare ups. On the other hand, titanium oxide has a highly intensive light refraction indication. This helps to smooth out the appearance of skin discolouration and markings, thereby giving skin that radiant look.

Why wear it mineral makeup?

The most natural finish ever!

Mineral make up can provide the most natural finish without that overdone look. The purity and ultra-fine coverage of this makeup, effectively gives your skin that healthy shimmer without looking like you had to mix all sorts of concealer and foundation to get that natural looking skin tone.

If you are the kind of person who likes to put a little dab of colour on your cheeks to give it that vibrant flush, a touch of eyeliner and eye shadow to accentuate your lovely eyes, and some bronzer to illuminate your skin, these light touches of mineral makeup will instantly refresh your look without you having to worry about looking you have a mask on.

Long lasting coverage

The long lasting coverage of mineral makeup is undeniably a bonus too. Since this easy great product does not contain any abrasive chemicals or fillers, it tends to easily glide on your skin a lot more quickly and stays on longer, without you worrying about having to do unnecessary touch ups, especially when you find yourself having as super busy day.

There is no need to add to your purse extra loose powder, eye shadow, or blusher thus adding extra weight to your already full handbag. Unless of course, you like to be discreet, and feel better taking only those essential make up items with you.

Attaining and maintaining a flawless look

As mentioned previously, mineral makeup is actually good for your skin. The zinc oxide has healing properties and the titanium dioxide light refraction quality helps to diminish skin imperfections such as scarring, acne and pitted marks. It helps to highlight your unique facial features and gives your skin that fresh, luminous glow. Unlike regular make-up, and when a normal amount of the makeup is put on the skin, it will not crease or cake.

Also, for areas of your skin that may need a little more coverage to hide uneven pigmentation, an extra bit of makeup won’t look like it’s been painted on. Emotionally, mineral make-up gives you that special quality of feeling beautiful effortlessly, knowing that your best features are highlighted without spending a lot of time doing putting on your make up, Even if you have skin problems, just knowing that are getting excellent coverage will positively boost your confidence too.

Cost less in the long run

Yes, a good brand of mineral cosmetics will cost a bit more upfront, but you will not have to use as much to get that desired, flawless look. As long as you invest in those items that you feel are essential, such as a good powder, foundation or concealer, than you can justify the purchasing of other items along the way such as a basic colour eyeshadow, liner and mascara that you could utilize more intensely or sparingly depending on that particular situation that you will need it for.

Really the expensive is yours to justify. Keeping in mind that this this fabulous cosmetic has beneficial qualities that your skin needs to maintain good health, is a super added bonus as a must have for all women who love to wear makeup.

Anti-aging benefit for your skin

As noted previously, the ingredients in mineral makeup defend your skin from the sun’s detrimental UV rays which can age your skin quicker than the normal aging process. Giving your skin is getting added sun protection along with an underlying moisturizing face cream with added UV protection , is a smart way to keep you skin supple and healthy.

Hydration and protection

Aside from the beneficial ingredients of zinc oxide and titatnium dioxide, mineral makeup will include natural additives such as vitamin E, jojoba oil and aloe vera that aid in moisturizing and hydrating your skin. Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic, oil-free and is anti-imflammatory which is great for people who have acne prone skin or rosacea.

These mineral particles will not irritate your skin and also provides coverage in camouflaging the discoloration and scarring that these ailments can cause. Another great advantage of this fantastic product is that is does not contain abrasive chemicals, and filler ingredients that could potentially foster the growth of bacteria.. Knowing that you are putting a clean, natural product on your skin that will not clog up your pores surely is the right way to keep your skin in a super healthy condition.

Possible Cons of Mineral Makeup

As with any make-up, mineral make up may not be right for every person. For those, with skin sensitivities who might experience irritation, redness or some type of allergic reaction. It is always best to check out the ingredients to ensure that it does not contain those additives that could cause a flare up and not so nice looking blemishes. Better to err on the side of caution and ask for samples before you buy them to see if it’s safe for your skin.

Overall, the benefits of mineral make up outweigh the cons. However, as a curious consumer you may want to dabble in experimenting with this mineral make up revolution, to see if it can enhance your cosmetic collection or just make you feel naturally beautiful.