What is that secret to that immaculate, radiant, made up face that looks fantastic all day long? Most of us think that it is just being born with great skin, healthy eating habits, drinking that required 8 glasses a day (after 6 glasses, I stop counting), a great foundation or we must have taken couple of makeup artistry classes, but don’t want to admit it publicly.

Low and behold, the trick to prolonging that stunning, finished look is to simply use an organic makeup primer.

What is an Organic Makeup Primer?

Until recently, I’ve never been familiar with primers for the face. I’ve only used a primer for my eye lashes (my lashes are short and sparse) and for my oily eyelids so that my eye shadow will last longer. Essentially a make up primer perfects the skin for foundation, a tinted moisturizer or skin brightening cream. It helps regular makeup go on easier, softer and to last longer. Primer typically comes in the form of a cream, gel, powder. The most popular forms are a translucent stick that you just swiftly slick onto your all areas of your face or tinted cream formula which you can gently rub onto your face. Interestingly, primers are comprised of silicon based polymers. This silicon component is what helps to refine and soften facial lines and pores. Mind you silicone is not hazardous to your health or your skin. It’s just a beauty agent that helps you to look and feel your best.

What is the purpose of using an organic primer?

There are many beneficial reasons for using a primer and I will discuss the main ones.

First and foremost, primers smooths and minimizes pores, especially pocked skin, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin. Yes, it is another step When you first put a gel or cream primer on your face at first, it will feel very wet, but then when you put on your foundation, that’s when you will see the difference a primer makes. Your skin will instantly look younger and softer and flawless. You can barely notice your pores, fine lines around the mouth or eyes and for wrinkles, they almost disappear. Primers make that much of a difference.

They prevent makeup from creasing and caking. Primers sets your skin so that your makeup won’t look goopy throughout the day Your makeup will look fresh longer and you won’t have to regularly do touch ups (only if you really want to and feel more lady-like doing so)

Keeps your makeup to matte and stay put in extreme weather. Aside from prolonger the wear of your make up, primer will hold up your make up in sticky, humid weather, when you find yourself hot and sweaty stuck in a crowded elevator, subway train, or got caught in an unexpected rain shower

Remarkable primer will also make your make up last longer, which means you don’t have to stuff your bag with extra makeup or worry about leaving a product behind. It holds your makeup throughout the daya and gives you a more natural finish, with foundation or without so that it doesn’t look like you put on a second skin.

Irreplaceable primer can even be worn on its own with our without face powder. Just a small amount will make your skin look bright and healthy. It works great for those times when you don’t feel like spending the time to blend in foundation for a full face coverage on your skin.

Combats shine and creates a solid base for foundation Primers are excellent at controlling oil and are mostly used for this purpose to give your face that fresh, luminous hue. My experience with primers is that it instantly makes my face look smoother and supple. My face looks luminous and I instantly feel more confident more attractive. I honestly feel that I can face (pun on words here) anything in my day. That saying when you look good, you feel good definitely applies here.

Another bonus of using a primer, is that it helps to correct skin imperfections such as acne, redness and hides rough skin caused by acne scarring or an unexpected bruise (from a wax job, or if you got in an accident.) The coverage is amazing and when blended with a foundation, will hide that blemish and pimple completely

Primers are even available just for your eyelids to prevent creasing and for your lips to prevent the bleeding and weathering. As mentioned previously, I’ve used a primer a couple of times for my eyelids because they tend to get greasy and fades away as the day wears on. The only type of makeup that I like touch up throughout my day is my lipstick because it’s simple and easy to do. I honestly spend enough time in the morning doing my eye makeup an unless it’s a hot summer day and it’s inevitable that my makeup may run, or if I have an event to attend to the evening that calls for a different wardrobe and obviously a more sultry, sophisticated make up to go along with it. An eye primer is fantastic when you take the time to put on your trio or duo of eyeshadow colours and want to make sure it is set. Your eye shadow won’t crease or look oily.,but instead will look perfectly applied and fresh. For one thing, it can be a bit tiresome to touch up eye makeup in fluorescent or dark hideous lighting.

Organic Makeup Primer Basics

Start with a moisturizer to so that the primer can blend more easily into the skin. Always wait a good 10 minutes for the moisturizer to absorb into the skin before you apply the primer. This makes sense if you use a moisturizer with sunscreen protection. You would want to make sure the your getting the best protection against those hazardous UV rays.

Once you are ready, just use an amount the size of a pea, and then rub evenly over face. You just need a small amount because you are aiming for a light coverage. You still may be putting on your face, foundation, powder, blush, possible highlighter etc. You can use your finger tips or a cosmetic sponge, the preference is yours, but I prefer to use my finger tips, the warmth from my fingers helps to blend the product more easily into my skin. After applies wait a good 2-3 mintues before you put on your foundation and face powder.

Overall, deciding to use an organic makeup primer may seem like an extra, redundant step in your make up routine because after all you are going to be adding your other cosmetic enhancements such as foundation, blusher bronzer etc and wouldn’t it feel like another coating of product on your prepped skin?. I honestly thought the same too until I decided to give it a try. I really was amazed and flabbergasted with the result. I have never seriously seen my skin look so good with such little effort. I can now truly say, I will always have a passion for primer.