The perfect make up organic makeup brushes are a very coveted essential that no girl can do without, yet how do we choose this prized cosmetic tool to ensure it meets our needs now and in the long run? Here is the low down on natural versus the highly proclaimed cruelty free synthetic makeup brush.

It is well understood that natural hair brushes and synthetic fiber brushes will work better with different products to get certain results A brush that is soft, can efficiently grab product and can be deposited with ease and to our satisfaction and ensures that we getting the best bang for our buck.

Therefore, just how do we go about choosing the right organic makeup brushes for our beauty needs?

The Controversial Natural Hair Brushes

The biggest advantage of using a natural hair cosmetic tool, is that they are well known to have exceptional performance and durability and get better with use. The natural hair from the animal can hold colour pigment better, thus resulting in a more softer and genuine look. Basically, the animal hairhas cuticles which are absorbent in terms of picking up more cosmetic product which allows you to blend it into the desired area of your face more easily.

The bristles that natural hair brushes are made of are typically derived from, mink, squirrel, goat, sable, pony ,goat, or pig. Goat hair is especially popular because of its unique cuticle qualities that allow for exceptional retrieval and deposit. Also the hairs have a medium stiffness, which is adequately comfortable when used on the skin. Aside from its more silky counterpart, sable, which has the same qualities but stiffer bristles, goat hair for makeup brushes are gathered more humanely instead of being bred solely for its hair.

We also use goats for other by products such as milk for dairy products and due to some cultural customs, its meat for consumption. For those who solely swear by natural brushes, it would be a good idea to see if the animal was treated humanely before their fur/hair was used for the production of cosmetic tools.

Other benefits for natural hair makeup brushes it that that they work great for powder based products for consistent, precise and smooth application. Powder eyeshadows, blushes, and loose face powder or bronzer are normally applied better with a natural hair brush. Even though they natural hairs feel great on the face this does come with a price. Natural brushes will cost more and maybe prone to shedding which means you’ll need to find the means to purchase more tools later down the road. Cleaning of these types of brushes does take some more diligence and time to remove all of the dirt and oil to avoid possible bacterial infections. Such bristles can also pose a slight threat to those who are allergic to animal hair. Using them could cause a skin aliment or minor allergic reaction to those who have such sensitivities.

Synthetic Fibre Brushes: Perfect Application without the fuss 

These wonderful brushes are good at just about anything and can even feel as silky and luxurious on your skin as its natural hair opponent. The brush bristles are normally comprised of nylon, polyster, taklon or other man-made fibres.

A common fibre called Taklon is regularly used in the production of lot of synthetic makeup brushes. Basically, a thermoplastic polyester replicates the characteristics of the natural sable, which has grab and deposit characteristic, and is more plush than nylon.

Another leading fibre is called Tafre, These bristles are manufactured in a way that resembles hair that is grown on an animal, hence resulting in a more natural style of fibre. Interestingly enough, the production of Tafre is enviromentally friendly because it uses plant based energy. At least with these makeup brushes you get to play a part in maintaining a healthy planet.

Considerably enough, synthetic brushes work great with liquid or cream cosmetics such as foundations, concealor, cream/gel shadows or cream blushes because they are not as absorbent as natural hair bristles, thus they won’t hold the product within the fibres. Basically more of the cosmetic will go on your skin instead of being stuck to the hairs.

Another fabulous quality of these terrific tools is that they work well for precision and angling applications, such as contouring and blending eye makeup. Not only do they do provide a polished look, but a majority of synthetic brush hairs feel exceptionally soft on the eyes area, basically just as pleasant as natural hairs which is a definite plus in my book.

Also these man made fibres rarely get bent out of shape, even the most definitive brush will last a very long time which I acknowledge, is a very trustworthy thing.. It’s just human nature that when we buy an item and it works beautifully, that we want to keep as long as we can. Luckily, with most good quality synthetic brushes you can.

Organic Makeup Brushes Summary

On the whole, they is a lot of marketing advertising out there on the various brands of natural and organic makeup brushes. As a savvy consumer, do your research, or test out the makeup brush on your skin by seeing how much make up it can pick up and then put in on your skin to see the desired effect.

If you can’t test it out and want to take advantage of that super priced deal? Then take the leap, trust your instincts and do your homework. Also, remember that synthetic brushes are only as good as they feel on your skin and how they work with all of your fabulous cosmetics. Organic makeup brushes are the best.