Natural cosmetics are gaining recognition with its cruelty free and vegan based contents, pure, healthy ingredients and wider ranges of colours and products. They can be found in almost every store cosmetic counter, beauty outlet and on line makeup shop. A definite alternative to regular manufactured brands, the allure and promise of natural cosmetics makes it one of those desired items that we just have to purchase. Just to exclusively experience the magnitude of its appeal and benefits.

Organic cosmetics

Organic cosmetics are free of synthetic chemicals, dyes, nano-chemicals, parabens, irritants, toxins, and sulphates. Essentially, it does not contain those “cosmetic chemicals” (the list is quite detailed and long) that are hazardous to the health of your skin. Especially if you want it to always be looking its utmost best.

These organic cosmetics will not clog pores which means smoother and toned looking skin. They are also lessen the effect of age lines and wrinkles, hence basically delay aging process. A definite bonus for women of all ages. They are also easy and gentle on the skin for those who have skin sensitivities and allergies.

Natural based cosmetics contain the most wholesome and simplest form of ingredients, which are partly made from fruits, vegetables and plants. Such pure earth ingredients are environmentally friendly and are sometimes even organic. Looking at it from this perspective, it’s like giving your skin a vitamin enriched smoothie. Keeping in mind that our skin is also typically, only good from the inside out. What we ingest impacts our skin too. Giving it additional care on the surface, also aids in maintaining good skin care and longevity.

Other examples of natural cosmetics are that they are known to employ the use of berries that have a high stain/natural reddening element. These utilize other highly pigmented plants to produce blushes, shadows and lip care products. Foundations are made by emulsifiers and other agents that are derived from plant essence and oils, botanicals, mineral clays, natural wax. Pure and sometimes, organic additives will cause less skin irritation and discomfort, thereby giving you the consumer, added comfort and peace of mind before and after you use them.

Are organic cosmetics always the best?

From a scientific viewpoint, what you put on your skin gets absorbed by your body through dermal absorption. Chemicals such as phthalates (makes skin silky and smooth) and parabens (make products last longer) are classified as endocrine disruptors which could alter hormone balance. Such exposure is related to reproductive system disorders, hormonal related cancers, and neurological problems. Additionally, the term “Fragrance” is used very loosely by manufacturers and could be comprised of a particular chemical that they does not have to be included in their list of ingredients or they don’t even have to disclose what it is comprised of.

Keep in mind though, that there are a lot of marketing strategies that product brands use to entice you, the buyer,to purchase their “natural” products. Products promoting that the manufacturer’s goods are “natural”, may only have one 2 or 3 ingredients that are indeed natural, but they may be so far down the ingredients list, that the potency of the ingredient is barely of a noticeable concentration.

Therefore, as a savy and mindful shopper, the wisest and safest action to take, is to be familiar with ingredients in natural products and what they mean. Be knowledgeable of the “Make-up dirty dozen list”, and keep a running tally of potentially hazardous, toxic cosmetic chemicals to be mindful of. Also, be familiar with yourself and if you have any skin allergies to natural products. For example, if you are allergic to green tea, you may be allergic to green tea based products in the form of an eyeshadow or liner. It’s definitely worth looking into for your own health and safety.

Keep your organic makeup and beauty regime simple

The best way to avoid any hazardous chemicals from getting into your skin is to keep your make up manageable. Basically this means, knowing which everyday staple cosmetic items you really need to highlight your features and that make you you’re your everyday natural best. Use different products for different times of the day or vary the intensity to suit the occasion. In other words, keep your make-up consistent and add in some glamour when the mood or need arises.

For an everyday fabulous look I recommend the following make up must haves (Please note depending on comfort level and skin tone, this is just a guide and can be tweaked at your discretion).

Foundation or Tinted SPF For those who have uneven skin tones or pigmentation, a foundation works best to provide coverage for a smooth, flawless appearance. Tinted SPF moisturizer also works well if you want to let your natural skin tone shine through and not feel like you have a blanket of coverage on your face, especially during those warm, summer months

Concealer A stick or fluid consistency is fine, depending on your preference. Perfect for hiding blemishes, scar marks and those unpopular under eye circles. Brightens up the under eye area to give it a fresh, natural look.

Blush A neutral colour or warm shade will help accentuate your cheek bones and give you that healthy, rosy flush. This dash of colour also acts to define your other fine features which may otherwise go unnoticed.

Highlighter By brushing or swiping (if using a liquid form) straight down your nose, tops of cheeks, inner and outer corner of eyes will give your face that luminous glow and extra sparkle

Transluent powder Reduces and eliminates the shiny look and gives you that final bit of colour as the last polishing effect for your skin

Mascara Luscious lashes are all the rage and why go fake when you can enhance the lashes that you have? A mascara that lengthens and voluminizes will make your eyes look more majestic and emphasize the uniqueness of your eye colour and shape

Eyeshadow palette Consisting of at least 3 colours can allow for a natural to sexy look in minutes. Be sure to choose one that has a medium shade to sweep over the lid, deep colour for contouring to create depth and definition and a light shimmery colour to create lustrous highlights.

Eyeliner Make your eyes pop and recreate them for every occasion. Adding a light touch for a natural look and going more intense for a bold dramatic look is so simple and fun.

Daytime lip colour Choosing a colour ranging from a neutral shade, berry to a rosy pink will depend on your skin tone. A juicy dose of colour or tint on your lips will make your lips look healthy and intriguing and gives you the effect of looking well put together. Use a darker shade or a luxurious red organic cosmetics lipstick for evening wear to bring out that playful, elegant side of you. Red lipstick easily gives you a different, more sultry look without having to alter your eye makeup if you don’t have time.