What is natural eye makeup remover? Essentially, eye make remover is a gentle cleansing solution that works to easily wipe clear all cosmetic product from the eye region. It’s especially useful for taking off that hard to remove, water proof eye makeup such as liner and mascara.

The nice thing about eye makeup remover is that it’s formulated specifically for the delicate eye area and we all know how much time we put in to keep this treasured area in tip top shape.

Why Use Natural Eye Make Up Remover?

What’s not the reason to use this handy product? Eye remover will do the following:

Unclogs pores: Eye lids and the fragile area around the eye will always be smooth, taut and fresh looking. Clean pores translates to no rough or bumpy skin in this sensitive area.

Refreshes, moisturizes and soothes skin around the eye: Your skin will always look its natural best effortlessly.

Cleans better than water without leaving residue on the skin: This will reduce the likelihood of inflammation and irritation around the eye area and subsequent scarring from such flare ups

Time efficient: Saves time for the average person who just want a simple, nightly cleaning routine. No fuss and no mess and your eye makeup in less than five minutes without rigorously pulling at lashes and rubbing eye lids and under eye area harshly.

Such extreme rubbing could lead to wrinkles and we call know that we won’t to avoid that as much as we can.

Cost efficient: Relatively inexpensive way to keep the skin around the eyes radiant, clean and firm

Excellent for travel, sleep overs, working late night shifts, basically those times when you don’t have extra time to devote to eye and face cleansing.

How to use Eye Makeup Remover?

Depending on the type of eye makeup remover that you decide to use, let that be, saturated eye makeup remover pad or wipe, cotton ball with gel or solution, gently and slowly move swipe over lid horizontally to remove shadow and liner until there is no residue left. Then use a clean part of the moistened pad,or cotton to clean the top eye lashes using upward strokes going swiftly or slowly as you prefer.

Then clean bottom liner and lashes use horizontal and downward strokes until there is absolutely no make up left. Since I prefer using towelettes/wipes because I enjoy wearing the whole works . (shadow, liner, mascara) on my eyes because I feel that it’s my best feature, I will always splash some warm water on my eyes to give it a quick rinse afterward.

Even though the eye remover is natural and safe I just feel better knowing that there won’t be any of the remover residue left in my eyes which could cause irritation. I will then gently run a Q-tip with a touch of Vaseline on it to remove any leftover makeup residue on the upper and lower lash line. I tried using olive oil but I found that it irritated and burned my eyes so I just use Vaseline, I have been using Vaseline since I was 15 years old and have never gotten an eye infection ever.

Basically, Vaseline has been tested and is a safe product. I then rinse my eyes again, pat dry , and then apply my night eye cream.

Eye Makeup Remover Variations

Eye makeup removers can come in different forms such as moisturizing cleansing pads/towelette, solution, gel or foam wash. All of them work well, yet do have pros and cons when being used Please take a look at the following list just to get an idea to see which type would work well for you.

Eye Makeup Pads

Inexpensive and my favourite. Perfect for quick and easy removal. The saturated pad with the cleansing ingredients typically has soothing and moisturizing agents such as aloe, calendula, chamomile which is great for the delicate skin around the eye area. However, pad material may not be super soft along with cleansing solution within the pad and may cause some slight stinging. Yet this can be remedied by splashing warm water around the eye area.

One thing that I have experienced is that remover pads at are hypoallergenic with moisturizing oil may leave a trace filmy residue in the eye. Essentially, my thoughts on using moisturizing pads would assist in helping keep my eye area soft and supple but what actually happened it that I would wake up each morning with filmy eyes. I never felt any irritation (probably because it was hypoallergenic), yet there was always cloudy bits of mucous crowded near my lower lash line.

This may not happen to everyone because people still buy moisturizing pads but it has happened to me.

Eye Makeup Remover Solution

Can add as much or as little as you wish for desired effect onto a cotton ball/pad which is great for you meticulous types that likes get all cosmetic out of every nook and crannies around your eyes. Cotton ball feels comfortable on the skin. Yet when trying to gently clean eye lashes, cotton fibres can get stuck in the eye lashes and inside your eye socket.

My first attempt at this was not successful, therefore I gave it a try again and ran into the same problem. Solution can cause some slight burning if gets into the eye area, but a quick rinse will take care of this.

Eye Makeup Remover Gel or Foam

These removers are great for cleansing eye and brow makeup thoroughly, while giving you that squeaky clean effect. It could involve a varied amount of rubbing around the eye area skin around to ensure all makeup is completely taken as well as these agents could also potentially sting the eyes but obviously a dash of water and thorough rinsing will solve that problem.

Natural Eye Makeup Remover Summmary

Removing eye makeup is a daily chore that we just want to accomplish as quickly as we can. The reason being is if we don’t, we can run the risk of possible irritation and infection from makeup that been caking on our eyes for days. We all want to look good but we also need to make the effort to clean our skin clean in a timely manner to maintain its natural, healthy state.