Best Acne Face Wash Introduction

This article will help you to find the best acne face wash for your particular acne problem.

Having acne is not a pleasant experience, no matter how well we can cover up that protruding zit or cluster of pimples that always seem to be right in the middle of our face. We always think that we will grow out of that “teenage hormonal stage”, but the reality for some people is that you can actually experience acne right up to almost your late thirties. This I can definitely attest to.

I started getting so called individual embarrassing pimples at the age of 13 .Looking back I think that I was the only young teen who was learning the art of covering up my zits every morning with concealer foundation and face powder! It was a good skill to learn because my acne problem lasted all of the way up to my late thirties, give or take periods of light to heavy flare ups. Acne can prevent you from doing normal everyday activities, such as going to school, work, or to a party.

You feel like an oddball because your face has a patch of zits or one huge pimple, noticeably sticking out for all to view. We then attribute this embarrassing, annoying skin problem to diet, genes, oily, dirty skin, stress and shrug it off because we know that it can’t last forever, it’s just a part of life. In real terms, acne can play a havoc with our looks and self-confidence and this is no laughing matter.

Some of us, will do everything we can to control it by buying all sorts of acne creams, getting advice and possible drugs from our doctors, weekly facials, over-cleaning our faces, using and concocting natural remedies. The list is endless. We get desperate and jump at every opportunity for a solution to end the acne problem, but sometimes the problem can come back. Moreover, the physical and chemical components in our bodies are constantly growing and changing and what used to work for us before to keep our skin in good condition, now needs to be fine-tuned.

I myself thought I was clear of acne until I experienced the awful adult acne phase at 30 years of age. This was something I never expected in the prime of my adult years, but luckily for me, I had my arsenal ready. I realized that no matter how much I disliked the feeling of an oncoming pimple(s), it really wasn’t such a curse as long as I knew how to be prepared for it.

Here are a couple of the key points to consider when deciding to choose the right acne face wash for yourself:

Acne Fighting Ingredients

This is a definitely must if you want to clear away that acne as quick and efficient as possible and still keep your skin looking healthy and clean. Ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide will remove dead skin cells and at the same time fight bacteria.

Salicylic acid will aid clearing clogged pores, thus reducing swelling A more natural acne fighting agent is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties which disinfects pores and dries up acne lesions. It also soothes acne inflammation as well

Consistency/form of Cleanser

Cleanser products come in gel, foam, and creams forms are mostly used due to personal preference, how they feel on your skin and what type of skin you have. Cream or liquid form cleansers are best used if you have dry skin. The cream component will have an abundance of moisturizers, and gentle cleaning agents to keep your skin refreshed and balanced with no over dryness.

Foam type products are good for normal or combination skins that will penetrate the oily areas yet keep the rest of your face, supple, energized and clean. Last but not least, gel type facial cleansers are great for oily skin to really get into those pores, yet is not over drying so as to cause irritation. I have had oily skin all of my life and my dermatologist always recommended a get wash face.

I enjoy working the gel into a lather and my skin always felt invigorated afterward and wonderfully clean. A nice deep clean to remove all of that oil build up always gave me a good start to my day and the finishing touch at the end of my day.

Moisturizing Components

When looking for a purposeful good wash face, it’s also important for it to have moisturizing qualities as well. Your skin needs it but in the right amount to stay hydrated, repair and renewal. Even skin that is oily needs to be gently moisturized. If it is not, then your skin will overproduce oil to compensate and that is not something a person with oily skin will want.

Believe me, I know, I have had numerous consultations with my dermatologist to not know this fact. Not sure how what type skin type you have? It’s easy to mistake combination skin with oily skin.and vice versa. Do some research, make an appointment with a dermatologist, try out a product and see how it feels after your wash your face and the effects of it over a period of time.

The only way to test if something is good for you, is to buy it and see for yourself, but of course, you need to buy the product that is right for you

Cleansing properties

A worthy acne face wash should contain vocabulary such as non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging), oil free, non-irritating, mild, non-drying as its key attributes. The term non-comedogenic is especially important because you want to unplug those pores of excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria which is what is causing that unwelcome acne.

Gentle exfoliation traits are good for oily skin as opposed to dry skin which can be more prone to irritation and inflammation. When you are exfoliating you are removing dead skin cells and promoting the regeneration of healthy skin.

Having these notable feature outlined on the actual product will give you reassurance that the cleanser will effectively do its job and that you made a valuable purchase.

Best Acne Face Wash Quick Comparison

Dr. Song's Acne Face Wash


  • Your skin will feel clean and refreshed
  • Will clear up breakouts
  • Combats oil and bacteria
  • B01D5G7P8U Amazon-Button-Block
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Perfect Complexion Face Wash

Gentle cleaning

  • Infused with natural botanicals
  • Active acne fighting agent
  • Antibacterial clove oil will soothe flare ups
  • Amazon-Button-Block
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Gycolic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser

Proven acne fighter

  • Will make your skin smoother
  • Small amount works up a foamy lather
  • Gently exfoliates without aggravating
  • B013PU1RQM Amazon-Button-Block
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Amazing Acne Treatment

For Body and Face

  • Odourless scent
  • Will last a few months
  • Non-irritating formula
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Natural Acne Face Wash

Beautify your skin

  • Light fresh citrus scent
  • Non-pump dispenser
  • Use on body areas
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Gycolic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser

This remarkable product contains the skin friendly compound of glycolic acid which penetrates the skin to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, treat acne, oily and uneven coloured skin. Over a small amount of time, it also helps to minimize pores and results in smoother more glowing looking skin.

The exfoliation effects of the jojoba beads helps to remove dead skin cells and surface impurities so that your skin feels revitalized and renewed. The jojoba oil has anti-microbial properties that stop the oncoming of pimples by preventing bacteria growth within the pores.

The olive oil additive provides antioxidant protection and enhances the exfoliation process. Also the essential ingredient of rose hip oil reduce fine lines, moisturizes, and improves skin tone and pigmentation.




  • Your skin will feel clean and refreshed
  • Contains the maximum of 2% benzoyl peroxide
  • Will heal and combat oil and bacteria

  • Could be potentially irritating on sensitive skin
  • Not recommended for mild acne
  • Has a slightly medicinal scent

Dr. Song’s Non-Irritating Acne Face Wash

Wash without worry is what this product is all about. This paraben free face wash is great for those who want to fight their acne and not feel anxious about what the potentially harmful effects of parabens can do to their body.

Another added benefit is that the benzoyl peroxide component also aids in preventing the accumulation of dead skin cells and decreases oil production and bacteria that causes all types of acne (blackheads, whiteheads, comedones etc).

This is clearly a smart and easy way to clear up and inhibit those flare ups and single pimple break outs.




  • Very gentle on your skin
  • Maximum acne fighting ingredients
  • Non-irritable formula will not aggravate your skin
  • May irritate sensitive skin
  • Strong formula may cause inflammation
  • Slight medicinal scent that can be annoying

Perfect Complexion Acne Face Wash

This product provides a gentle and thorough clean without stripping your skin of its essential oils. Your skin will feel moisturized and will look radiant, instead of feeling tight and overly dry as some other acne washes can render your skin.

Comprised of various natural ingredients, you will be giving your skin the best care in combating acne through a simple method of a face wash.

It is also paraben and cruelty free, thus making it a more healthy conscious product that you can utilize and enjoy.




  • Infused with natural botanicals and emolients
  • Salicylic acid will work to unclog your pores
  • Clove oil provides additional antibacterial action
  • Could cause slight stinging or irritation
  • Not good if you also have oily skin
  • Don’t use if you have cystic or nodule acne

Humane Acne Treatment

This no-nonsense product gets right down to the heart of the problem and removes that acne quickly and effectively. The 10% benzoyl peroxide component works by unplugging your pores of excess oil and dead skin cells and destroying bacteria within your pores and on the surface of your skin.

The benzoyl peroxide will control the growth of bacteria so as to inhibit further flare ups and resulting inflammation to your skin. Since acne can proliferate on other oily parts of your body aside from your skin, this product will target other parts of your body that you are experiencing the discomfort and slight embarrassment such as neck, back, chest shoulders, inner thighs, etc.

This wash will also contains no parabens and other sneaky, hazardous chemicals and was not tested on animals which will give you a peace of mind that nothing was harmed in its making and that possible long term use will not be damaging to your health




  • The odorless scent is perfect if you are sensitive to fragrances
  • The large volume will last you a few months
  • The non-irritating formula will not over dry your skin
  • The high concentration may irritate your skin
  • Sensitive skin sufferers may experience dry skin
  • Slightly higher price

InstaNatural Acne Face Wash

This face wash will beautify your skin making it look clear, bright and hydrated. The mild medicinal potency of salicylic acid works deep down into your pores to remove excess oil, bacteria, dead skins cells and other such pollutants.

This product will give you a deep down clean, without feeling as if the natural oils and elasticity have been stripped from your skin. Your skin will look smoother, healthy and more lustruous The antioxidizing effect of vitamin E works to neutralize free radicals (whereby these free radicals can damage collagen and cause dry skin, lines and wrinkles) and has anti-inflammatory attributes.

Another added feature of this solution is that there was no inhumane treatment of animals used in the creation and testing of this product Knowing that you are purchasing a cruelty free item that will heal and prevent outbreaks of acne and is good for your skin, will give you a sense of peace and satisfaction.




  • Light and fresh citrus scent provides an energizing face wash
  • Non-pump dispenser allows you to control how much you use
  • Can be used on other acne prone areas of your body
  • May cause burning or drying at the onset
  • Not good for cystic or tough black heads
  • Will improve your acne over the long term

Best Acne Face Wash Summary

One thing that helped me, was to have the right face wash for my type of skin. I didn’t find it fun at all, going to my local drugstore and nervously perusing the shelves for the most effective and worthy face wash for acne.

How did I know how good it was? The only way to find out was to buy it and see for myself. Hence, I bought and I spent so much money on so many products that I could list them here if had to.

Hopefully this article will help you to find the best acne face wash for your skin.